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Hey there. I'm Brian. I'm a hybrid mobile app developer in New Jersey and the driving force behind Envied Solutions. With over 15 years of web development experience, I know what it takes to make a great website. And as an adjunct professor at Drew University, I'm no stranger when it comes to sharing my knowledge too. Here at Envied Solutions, the focus is on hybrid applications, an emerging technology that has only been possible to properly execute in recent years (due to the availability of highly-performant web-views bundled with Android/iOS). With a hybrid application, you can create an app for Android, iOS, and the web, all with the same code base.

Things to Keep in Mind When Building an App

Before diving into the technology stack we use and what we can do for you it is important to know that a hybrid application is just one part of the equation. To build a successful app, you will need to know the right tools to use. For instance, in order to gauge the success of your application, key metrics have to be monitored and correlated with marketing efforts. Google Analytics does a pretty good job out of the box but it takes expertise to really pinpoint what is working and what is not.

And what about marketing? That's a totally different beast. How do you get your leads? This is different for every business and takes a certain amount of creativity to effectively address. However, with every marketing effort there are key strategies that nearly all businesses should use. If you are a local business, you may want to start off by going after local citations by submitting your website to the endless sea of local "yellowpage" sites. Businesses with wider demographics generally see success by producing top-quality content along with a relevant link-building campaign. These are just a couple ways you can improve your SEO value organically. This is a long-term strategy.

Immediate Results with Data-Driven Advertising

SEO is just a piece of the puzzle though. You will want immediate results if you are going to invest in your long-term marketing efforts. For this, you can pay advertising networks to feature your ads. Nowadays, you will need videos or catchy graphics. Once you have the right ads, you'll then want to optimize your campaign by targeting the right demographic. You can do this by running the same ad many different times for different demographics and letting the top performing ads decide your next moves. On top of that, you'll want to do A/B testing on the landing page for your ads. It helps to have someone with expertise - combining all these different metrics into a manageable report can be tricky.

That's where Envied Solutions comes in. You need a web application but you also want it to be successful. You want a team of experts but you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a traditional agency. If all of this is ringing bells, then read on and hear more about how we can pump your web application full of virtual steroids.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

There were days where hybrid application development led to poor user experience. A hybrid application effectively bundles a website into an app and the browsers that were on mobile phones were not very efficient. This has all changed though. The performance caveats of web-views are no longer a problem with a properly developed hybrid app. The time for choosing to build a hybrid app is now. You no longer need to hire a seperate Android developer, iOS developer, and web developer. You just need a web developer.

But what about native integrations? Let us say your app needs to integrate with a camera to do bar-code scanning. No problem. There is a plugin for that. That means less overhead and quicker time to market. There are countless integrations. Here's a list of just of a few of them:

  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Fingerprint Authentication
  • Background Mode
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Calendar Integration
  • Device Motion Detection
  • Estimote Beacons
  • NFC
  • PayPal
  • Secure Storage (Encryption)
  • Speech Recognition
  • Stepcounter
  • Video Editing
  • The possibilities are limitless!

The point here is that we can do just about anything you want with a hybrid application. Why pay for a custom native apps when you can just build one app with all the features of a hybrid app? Some choose to do so because they have to support older slow devices or because they have an application that requires heavy processing. Another caveat of a hybrid application is it generally has a larger file size (e.g. 20MB instead of 4MB). If you want to pay for a Ferrari for each device platform, go with native apps. If not, keep reading.

Our Bleeding-Edge Technology Stack

A hybrid app is basically a website bundled into an app with some extra configurations. And a website is only as good as the software and services it utilizes. With the latest JavaScript software libraries, it's possible to create and manage even very large projects with ease. Our go-to choice is Angular, a popular front-end JavaScript framework developed by Google. Angular is just one piece to the puzzle though. A couple other tools are required to create a stunning real-time app.

  • angularjs-logo
  • ionic
  • firebase

Ionic is another key tool used to make hybrid applications. It's a set of software and tools that bridges that gap between Angular and your apps. With it, your application is split into components. All of them include styles that replicate the native styling you see in most apps on each platform. It's also used as a wrapper for Apache Cordova, the tool that bundles your website into an application. There are a few other notable features. One neat feature is the ability to update apps without having the user update it from the app store. They also have a suite of development tools. One of them allows you to use your app even before it is submitted to the app store.

Apart from Angular and Ionic, there is another key service that we like to use here at Envied Solutions. The service is called Firebase and it was acquired by Google in recent years. Firebase provides a fully-managed NoSQL database that syncs with your app in real-time. This allows you to do things like implement chat features or have real-time maps that track drivers (think Uber). It also neatly integrates other features like authentication systems that support social logins, error tracking, analytics, push notifications, hosting, performance monitoring, and back-end business logic available via Cloud Functions. It's also free until you generate a significant amount of traffic.

The Bottom Line: Choose Hybrid

The bottom line is if you are looking to build an app, hybrid application development is the way to go and there's nothing that beats an Angular-Ionic-Firebase stack. Find a company that has experience developing Ionic-based apps. Better yet, find a company that has experience developing Ionic-based apps and knows what it takes to make a successful brand. Best yet, contact us if you're looking for the best hybrid mobile app development in New Jersey.

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